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Welcome to Evolve Yoga in La Quinta, California, the premier yoga studio you can call your home for Yoga. Our mission is that you evolve with us at every level of your yoga and fitness progression. Our programs are designed to suit your desires, achieve your personal, physical, and mental goals. We also offer meditation classes, specialty workshops, and certifications in a multitude of disciplines and modalities. Our yoga studio in La Quinta welcomes every one of all ages and walks of life. Our consummate instructors are dedicated to serving our community with premier fitness services.

We take pride in serving our students in a safe, compassionate, loving, and skilled setting. You will embark on positive changes that will help you reach your overall health and well-being goals. Therefore, we invite you to join us in our inspiring, nurturing, peaceful, and trusting environment. We also encourage you to laugh, rejoice, and be accepting of who you are. We welcome you to Evolve Yoga with open arms, an open heart, and an open mind. Let your adventure begin and flourish at Evolve Yoga. WE are EVOLVING, EVOLVE with US!

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Student Spotlight

Sharon Votaw

How do you believe yoga is making a difference in your everyday life?
In addition to the physical and healthier aspects of yoga, I have learned to breathe before I react. I have also gained an inner peace that I am able to pay forward to my friends and family with the hopes that they too may benefit.

What continues to lead you to your mat?
The overall progression in my practice. My flexibility and confidence has increased tremendously and I need that daily reminder to push forward. Finally, the friendships that I've made with those who enjoy the same journey is always an inspiration for me.

What is your favorite yoga posture?
My favorite posture changes as I am able to achieve a pose that I find challenging. Overall, I always enjoy Warrior 2 as that pose gives me the most strength and confidence.

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