Our mission is that you evolve with us at every level of your yoga and fitness progression. Our programs are designed to suit your desires, achieve your personal, physical, and mental goals. Evolve Yoga is unique because of the diversity of offerings. We offer meditation classes, specialty workshops, and certifications. These classes will diversify your physical activity and awareness to other non-impact disciplines. We specialize in private one-on-one, small and large group trainings. We offer these sessions at the studio or in the privacy of your residence for your retreat needs. Evolve Yoga welcomes everyone of all ages and walks of life. Our consummate instructors are dedicated to serving our community with premier fitness services. We take pride in serving our students in a safe, compassionate, loving, and skilled setting. You will embark on positive changes that will help you reach your overall health and well-being goals. Therefore, we invite you to join us in our inspiring, nurturing, peaceful, and trusting environment. We also encourage you to laugh, rejoice, and be accepting of who you are. We welcome you to Evolve Yoga with open arms, an open heart, and an open mind. Let your adventure begin and flourish at Evolve Yoga. WE are EVOLVING, EVOLVE with US!

Bronwyn Ison
Owner of Evolve Yoga

Bronwyn’s yoga journey commenced almost twenty-years ago following physical therapy from a foot injury. The physical therapist recommended yoga and suggested the practice would help restore strength, physical balance, and confidence. It wasn’t long after Bronwyn started practicing that she was enamored and passionate about the practice. Health and fitness is a high priority for Bronwyn. “Yoga provides me freedom internally and externally and has facilitated several beautiful adventures and opportunities in the recent years.” Also, the breathing techniques utilized in yoga assisted in facilitating Bronwyn’s recovery while battling an upper-respiratory disease.

Recognized by Women’s Health Magazine as an Action Hero, Bronwyn was selected along with 60 other women Nationally who are fitfluencers, innovative, community oriented, trendsetters, and who posses a passion for wellness. Evolve Yoga was also recognized in the Huffington Post as a go-to yoga studio in the Coachella Valley. Palm Springs Life Magazine selected Evolve Yoga, “Best of the Best” yoga studios, 2016. Evolve Yoga also received the “Best Yoga Studio” by Coachella Valley Weekly newspaper, 2015. Lululemon athletica named Bronwyn an Ambassador for 2012/2013 and 2014. LARABAR, gluten-free snack bars, recognized Bronwyn as an Ambassador in 2014.

Bronwyn attended Arizona State University and is a Cum Laude graduate with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Broadcast Journalism from the prestigious Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. As a former news anchor and reporter, interviews include celebrities, politicians, professional athletes, and Bronwyn’s favorite, everyday people like you and me.

While remaining passionate about her television career, it is likely you will see Bronwyn hosting a TV wellness program, hosting, moderating, speaking or emceeing an event. She is also a weekly health and wellness columnist and you can read her blogs in CV Weekly and on the Evolve Yoga website.

Bronwyn maintains a passion for healthy living. She desires to connect and inspire others to achieve overall health and balanced living.

Stay tuned…. there is so much more to come…

Landon Joost
Marketing and Special Development

Landon displays incredible insight in creativity, team building, and management skills. Landon is a former Division 1 baseball player at the University of New Mexico and earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Marketing. During his playing career he was fortunate to have achieved championships both at the high school and college level. Landon credits much of his injury free and prosperous athletic career to yoga. Landon commenced yoga in the latter part of his high school years. Landon thanks his sister, Bronwyn Ison for demonstrating to him proper Yoga techniques and form to reduce injuries and excel on the field. He learned the true value of yoga and how it positively affected his body and his life in all dimensions. Through sports he also learned what it takes to be a team player and how essential it is to display leadership to have a great impact in an organization. Creating and developing relationships is a key success factor in his life as an entrepreneur. Landon will be managing the marketing and future expansion for Evolve Yoga. Landon is ecstatic with regard to owning a studio with his sister. When he was asked what he thinks the future of Evolve Yoga holds, he stated, “Evolve Yoga is an opportunity to add tremendous value to people’s lives on a daily basis. What better opportunity could a fitness entrepreneur ask for? I look forward to Evolving together as a community for many years to come!”

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