“Better For It Now” Retreat

“Better For It Now” Retreat

Better For It Now, “LIVE” Retreat, “I believe that women can achieve their personal and professional dreams and evolve into their truth through the practice of yoga and meditation.” 7- Essential Principles To Help You Evolve And Accomplish Your Dreams.

I’m so excited to share share this program with you. The past decade has inspired me to create and inspire single moms, busy moms & entrepreneurial women. Through my personal experience, I’ll show you what you’re capable of achieving in your life.


Daily Morning Routine
The key to living your truth in life is to start by living who you truly are… each and everyday.

You Gotta Have Faith
I believe you have the answers inside you, all you need to do is believe in yourself.

Love & Healthy Relationships
The key to loving and giving to others begins with loving yourself.

Confidence Is Everything
You matter, you make a difference, you’re worthy and you have something to offer that matters to others.

Take A Stand
What do you want to create in the world?

What “If” to What “Is”
No more hopeful or wishful thinking, it’s time to make your dreams a reality.

Fearless Living
Be you, be bold, be beautiful ~ you don’t owe anyone an explanation.

Better For It Now Includes: The 7 Principles Manual, Yoga and Meditation Sessions.

Where: Evolve Yoga

When: January 2019
*Sessions may be longer based upon participants and involvement but no more than 3 hours.

*Sessions are conducted in a group setting.

*Comfortable clothing for yoga and meditation.

Price: $497

How do I start: Connect with Bronwyn for a one-on-one call/meeting. Bronwyn@e-volveyoga.com

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