Years ago while working at a private club instructing yoga the Fitness Director inquired whether or not I was receiving massages regularly. Never had I given a weekly, monthly, or any kind of a massage consideration. When he brought the idea to my attention I certainly thought it would be wonderful to treat myself to such a luxury.

Admittedly, it took years for before I would adopt the importance of receiving a massage on somewhat of a regular basis. I learned it wasn’t so much a luxury but rather a necessity. I share this with you because so many of us subject our bodies to so much. A healing touch from someone else may be just the right medicine for you. If your body is in constant motion (like so many of you are) you may consider a massage regularly or every so often. A massage can be more than working out the kinks and tender areas in our body. The actual physical touch of someone else can be healing and therapeutic.

Each of us may require a certain kind of massage. There are a plethora of choices when it pertains to style and therapists. You may prefer a lighter touch, (Swedish), or that of something more intense such as (Rolfing). You can always customize your massage as well. It’s all about finding what suits your needs and desires.

Once I recognized it wasn’t so much a luxury but rather a requirement, it justified the time and money for such a service. We often neglect ourselves. Over time, the less important we make ourselves it may lead to not being able to better care for the others around us. Taking care of you assists in maintaining healthy and positive energy for everyone.

Treat yourself or make that necessary appointment your body so well desires and needs. You deserve to maintain your health… it’s PRICELESS.


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