ASK YOUSELF, WHAT DO I NEED IN 2014? By Bronwyn Ison

Time to assess the past year as we count down the last days of 2013. You may reflect fondly upon your accomplishments. Or, perhaps you had a multitude of disappointments. 2013 is now your past. Each year I have successfully been able to diminish the negatives and accentuate the positives. Hence, rid yourself of what does not work.

If you abhor your job consider seeking a new one or change professions. Easier said than done but not impossible. Plan appropriately and you can make it materialize. Ask yourself what do I want to do? What do I love to do? How can I make this happen? Who in my life will support and love me? Persevere with enthusiasm and diligence. It will be the catalyst in your success.

Surround yourself with like-minded people. They must be people who genuinely care about your goals and aspirations. If you suspect negativity from anyone… lose this person/people QUICKLY! He/she will debilitate you and distract your focus. This includes people who are happy with themselves. Congregate with individuals who are grounded and who have their priorities in order. The company you keep will declare to others much about your true character.

If you have always wanted to take a trip to Europe, go for it!!! If travel plans are what you need in 2014 then it is time you take the big trip. You especially need to take a vacation if it has been delayed. Take your spouse, significant other, or friends.

Think fitness. You want to begin an exercise regimen and don’t know where to begin. Consider a workout partner to motivate you. Each of you will be accountable to each other. Getting in shape together can be fun and challenging. You will feel better about yourself and so will your workout buddy.

Change your diet. Begin healthy habits. Consider jumpstarting the New Year off with a cleanse or fast. Release your guilty pleasure foods and replace them with healthier choices. It will require discipline. Yet, you will be proud of yourself and your body will be singing your praises.

May your 2014 be joyous and filled with prosperity! Each year can be enhanced by the choices you make, the company you keep, and what you give to others.

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