Thanksgiving reminds us to be thankful and grateful for all we have in our lives. It’s also the time of year family and friends gather to share time together. It’s a time to create more memories and reminisce about the past. I’m always blessed for this time of year.

I thought it may be fun for you to try something slightly different this year. While visiting with family and friends try sharing your thoughts and feelings about why you appreciate them. Grateful and appreciation are different. If you find it challenging to compliment someone publicly… a nice card may do the trick.
A compliment can go a long way. It will also allow the person to know you truly value who they are as a person and why you enjoy them as a friend or family member.

“The greatest need of a person is to be understood, validated and appreciated.” Steven Covey

I appreciate you took the time to take a read of this weeks blog… past and future.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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