By: Bronwyn Ison



Immersed in a funk? Experiencing a lack of motivation? Do not care for the way
you feel? Therefore, what are you going to do about getting back into the groove? Time
is passing and we continue to do nothing about addressing our problems. It is time to
investigate the issue and commence solving the problem(s).

May I challenge you to hit the rewind button on your life and revert to your
childhood? You had dreams and you were filled with passion about what the future
may hold. Do you feel the same today? It is likely we do not hold the same dreams
and certainly not the exact passion. As a child you may recall being asked, what do
you want to be when you grow up? You may have had bountiful dreams, goals, and
aspirations. What happened to those dreams? Life happened along the way. As we grew
into adulthood we experienced or witnessed dreams not be fulfilled and possibly crushed.
Who says you cannot live out your dreams now? We hold the key. It is our prerogative
and responsibility to act or not.

You may have dreams and be excited in a childlike way. As humans we dare to
dream. If dreaming is all you need to do to be fulfilled then this tactic works for you.
Yet, if you want to act out your dreams, go for it! You are the only person who says
you can’t. Erase the words. “I can’t.” Replace them with, “I can or I will try.” At this
juncture in our lives it is about attitude. Each of us has had something preclude us from
pursuing something beautiful. I also understand timing can be everything. Take the
tragedies, hiccups, and distractions and utilize these experiences positively. Lose the
frame of mind of self-pity. You will gain confidence once you get up and dust yourself

How do I ignite my personal flame? Identify what you want, need, and desire.
Be realistic (you can never dream to big) and be patient. Be realistic about time frames.
Nothing spectacular and outrageous is going to happen instantaneously. Expect to work.
The work is part of the journey and should be looked at positively. This is a wonderful
opportunity to learn and grow personally.

Each of us has the power to dream and live out our passions. Be prepared, be
diligent, stay focused and surround yourself with people who love and support you.
Finding your inner child is not hard because you truly have never lost the little boy or girl
in you.

Working towards positive changes and outcomes can also materialize through
exercise. To learn more about evolving into a new you, visit: www.e-volveyoga.com

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