The interesting twist, turns, and tests in life keep us wondering. Questionable circumstances keep us on our toes. We often question, why? What is happening? Why did I have to go through this? Why so much at one time? Of course, it’s the unfortunate circumstances, we really question. Within the recent months I’ve experienced numerous adventurous. I like to call them tests.

Nate Harrison Road, is a road to Mt. Palomar, a Christian Center and Camp in San Diego. If you are one who is dependent on travel phone apps you may find you can be mislead. In the past, I’ve relied on Google Maps. In recent months, I’ve befriended the WAZE app. I’ve been exceptionally pleased… until… I met Nate Harrison Road.

My daughter was a guest at the camp for five days. I decided to pick her up instead of her traveling back home with her school group. This way we could make a long weekend for ourselves in San Diego. Fun, right? The bus from Mt. Palomar was departing by 11am and I needed to be there on time. Meanwhile, my other daughter was with me, as we were already in San Diego for a field trip. I was relishing in the quality time I was spending and would share with my girls. My youngest girl and I hopped in car and began our travels to Mt. Palomar.

After an hour of traveling, we met Nate Harrison Road. Shortly thereafter, the road turned into a dirt road. It went from a dirt road to a rocky terrain landscape. Meanwhile, I am in a sedan climbing a massive incline that would eventually overlook and incredibly beautiful view of the San Diego hills and mountains. Why didn’t I turn around? I asked myself the exact question. I prayed the road would get better or turn into asphalt. It never did.

The road only became worse, I lost cell phone service, and I felt slightly nervous, I was in the middle of nowhere with my daughter. One thing I was sure of… I had made contact with two people who knew we were on that hill. I felt a peace that all would be fine. I knew we would make it to the other side of hill. It may sound naive or even dangerous.

We never a saw a soul then entire one-hour we were on Nate Harrison Road. Finally, we made it to the other side. My daughter and I were ever so happy to have our tires hit asphalt.

I share this with you because of what I gained. It wasn’t so much that I was led to the wrong road via an app. Or, that it took me an hour and half out of my way. I chose to look at the wrong turn as our right way of getting to the destination. My daughter and I made a memory together. In actuality it was bonding time. We enjoyed views, talked along the way, and learned to check all other options for travel in the future.

Why was I led up this road when there was perfectly beautiful and newly paved road to the camp on the other side of the mountain? It’s simple. We were led this way for a reason unknown to me. Quite frankly, I believe we were meant to take the journey. Who knows… we may have been led out of harms way. Sometimes you need to trust the journey rather than asking why.

Next time, just go with it without asking questions. You may learn it is exactly where you need to be.

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga. 760-564-YOGA


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