“No Pain, no gain,” this adage is not generally in my vocabulary. However, in some instances I decided to take this approach to forge ahead. I knew if I were to work diligently on certain areas of my life, I would eventually be able to work past and through future similar circumstances.

Working in the fitness industry, one has often heard the quote, “No pain, No gain!” While I come from a unique fitness modality, that of yoga, most yogi’s would not reference to this adage. As a yoga instructor and entrepreneur, adopting a “no pain, no gain,” attitude doesn’t necessarily compliment my personality. With reference to my physical endeavors I have always worked with fervor. Yet, I have always listened to what my body is telling me. If my body tells me it’s enough, then I honor this space and take a break. Yet, I have always taken my yoga practice and workout regimens right to very edge. Knowing I gave everything I had, my absolute best, without question.

I presume the approach in my personal and professional life is one of the same. I’m a believer in planning my work and working my plan. However, with anything in life you will have trials and tribulations. Certainly, I have had my fair share. Perhaps this is where I have had a little pain and a lot of gain. It’s all in your mindset. Giving one hundred and ten percent of myself has and will always be my approach to anything in life. I’ve recognized that with every trial and risk there is always a reward waiting on the other side. Sometimes the reward takes a while to obtain. Yet, I am a believer that the reward is always on time.

Next time you feel or recognize the onset of pain, know your gain is waiting on the other side. I often reiterate to myself, “This too shall pass.” Nothing is forever. We each have choices in life. Choose what best serves you. Do so without being selfish. You will likely prosper every time.

Here’s a challenge for you; write down three areas in your life that may bring you pain but result in your gain. Read them over carefully, numerous times. Then… implement! This is when I can relate to “No pain, no gain!”

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