You know exactly the labels I’m talking about. You know the one that says, “One Size Fits All.” I’ve also seen the label, “One Size Fits Most.” Really? Like me, you may have concluded this to be absolute non-sense. Or, you could look at it as false advertising, be completely turned off, and move on to the next thing that works for you. Many moons ago, I realized this relates to pretty much EVERYTHING.

What I’ve truly come to recognize, one type of diet does not fit all. What works for my body may not jive with what your body needs. Yes, we each need fruits, veggies, protein and healthy carbs. As a society we’ve also experienced, “don’t eat this, don’t eat that.” What’s the truth anymore?

I’ve always maintained a healthy diet. Not on a diet but that of what I believe is high in protein and plentiful in fruits and veggies. However, I’ve also learned what my body enjoyed years ago isn’t always so receptive today. Why? Our body chemistry changes. Some of us develop allergies or we may not be tolerant to certain foods anymore. We are living breathing beings and anything in our bodies can shift at anytime.

A friend of mine shared, “It it grows on a tree or out of the ground, walks on land or swims in the sea or in fresh water, then it’s good enough to eat.” Dr. Mark Hyman posted a great quote on Instagram (of which I reposted), “Avoid foods with health claims on the label, or better yet avoid food with a label in the first place.”

We know processed foods are bad for us. Our grocery store isles are chock full of unhealthy foods. Some of the worst contain white flour, gluten, corn based foods, monosodium glutamate (which is in more foods than you can imagine), artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup and the list goes on and on. These foods make us feel lethargic, bloated, sluggish and serve no purpose for our bodies. We eat them because we lack education and time. My suggestion, because you have one life, start researching and make more time to take care of YOU!

While one way of eating may work for one person, such as the Mediterranean Diet, it may not coincide with another. It’s vital you find a healthy way of eating that works for you and your lifestyle.

My entire life, I’ve always been one to graze. Three course meals a day hasn’t always been for me. While I enjoy a breakfast, lunch and dinner, I prefer to eat several small healthy mini meals/snacks per day. It works for my lifestyle, I rarely go hungry, and my metabolism remains better maintained by this style of eating.

Find a healthy way that works for you. Stop making excuses and procrastinating. By all means I am not perfect and I love a special treat on occasion. I believe in moderation but my overall health and wellness is a priority. Make the way you eat and what you ingest a priority too. Healthy eating!

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga, and (760)564-YOGA(9642)


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