By: Bronwyn Ison



If you have consecutively read my articles, I often mention how our society moves expeditiously and is effervescent. With such rapid speed we often find ourselves approaching or are faced with numerous obstacles. You may also conclude some of these obstacles as instructive change. Change is essential for growth and personal development. Yet, change can be intimidating or exhilarating. If you are finding your self in a rut it may be time to observe what is precluding growth. Change is the only constant in life.

Given the robustness of the self-help industry, change is difficult for most. Yet, it is a reality and sometimes change occurs beyond our own control. Let’s face it, we each have obstacles and how we approach each one can help determine positive or negative results. Presuming you have set a goal or made a New Year’s resolution and never completely executed the transaction, have you ever asked yourself, why? Did you revisit your attempted goal? If not, do you accept the responsibility of a lack of objectivity?

This leads to the proposition… why is change so difficult? Multiple reasons lend to a conclusive answer. We are afraid of the outcome. We question whether or not the goal is insurmountable. My answer to you is, a strong will, will prevail. Yet, other reasons why change is challenging can be the work involved. Are you willing to accept that change may not happen instantly? There may be setbacks (obstacles), struggles, and disappointment that mitigate the main goal. You must be prepared for the fight. If the challenge seems too stressful adapt your mindset. How can you render the challenge more entertaining? Have fun reconfiguring your approach.

You may ask, how do I get started? Put on your big boy or big girl shoes and be prepared to dig deep emotionally. Most adaptation requires personal emotion. Go in with a big smile and go for it! Try this…

Jettison your baggage. Each of us brings negative and positive things into our adulthood from childhood. Release the self-esteem issues, anger, and the need to be perfect. Most likely you will prove unproductive in achieving your goal if you are toting around unnecessary negativity.

Our baggage can often exacerbate our poor habits. As these two work in tandem it can stimulate anxiety. Relax and keep your goal in mind. You can and will work through the obstacles. Commence conditioning your mind to think and react differently.

A powerful deterrent in our lives are our emotions. Let go of fear. Anything worth fighting for can be daunting. We often revert to our old ways once we recognize that the fight may be fierce. Eliminate your complacency.

Remember you can master your environment. You will enable yourself to manage your baggage, habits, and emotions with the proper environment. Surround yourself with positive people who will help support change in your life. Plus, engage in activities that strengthen and create certainty in your life. Be courageous, you can do it!

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