Partner Yoga



By: Bronwyn Ison


Partner yoga is demonstrated as a class or workshop in yoga studios across the country.  Partner yoga unites two people or a group of individuals to explore the mind, body and soulful connection to one another. Specific sessions are designated for people who are interested in delving into a more in depth practice with a partner. A partner may prove helpful as a conduit to greater self-awareness in a yoga practice.

The ancient roots of partner yoga have Tantric lineages. Partner yoga classes and workshops continue to emerge but are not all about sex or designated for lovers.  Tantra means to weave.  As humans we intertwine our lives with each other daily.  As humans we need and desire the touch of other individuals.  Partner yoga allows for physical interaction. This practice is about supporting and being supported by another person.  It is a true awakening of self and how you interact with others. 

One is given an opportunity to heighten self-awareness.  Drawing toward yourself will awaken your senses. This may prove exhilarating or you may lean toward this practice with trepidation.  Getting in touch will enable you to have deeper and more meaningful relationships.  When we are strained personally our personal relationships may suffer too.  This can lead to emotions that are painful or possibly difficult to manage. 

When we partner with another there is generally an understanding of trust.  Partner yoga explores several emotional and physical avenues.  We are able to establish trust, compassion, and intimacy (not necessarily sexual).  Partnering with a friend to simply explore the riches of this practice may enrich your personal friendship.  Working intimately with another may allow one to approach different life circumstances more acutely.  One can avoid placing barriers or walls and/or not trusting others. 

Practicing yoga alone or in a class setting is not as intimidating as partnering with another person.  Rest assured the beauty of this practice will open your heart and allow you to unite with others.  You can separate yourself from loneliness and self/ego.  We can learn that we do need others for support.  Relinquishing a bit of your independence to rely on someone else is truly a frightening thought for many. 

Partner yoga can be practiced with your spouse, a lover, a friend, a sibling, or as a family.  There are no limitations, only exploration.  Open your heart and mind to deepening your practice or sharing this experience with someone special.

Evolve Yoga, Partner Workshop ~ October 26, 2013. 12pm-2pm.  Our partner yoga workshop will enlighten, engage, and encourage you to delve deeper into self.  We look forward to relaxing, renewing but also having a lot of fun.  For more information, visit or (760)564-YOGA (9642)


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