The Mind Is A Garden

Sunday, April 7, 2013
Doryan Dean, Certified Ananda Yoga Instructor and Author
$35.00 Per Person
Workshop includes materials and snack
Please reserve your space in studio or online at

Evolve Yoga presents, The Mind Is A Garden with Doryan Dean (Certified Ananda Yoga Instructor and Author)
If you have goals to accomplish, need to align more closely to your life purpose, then this two-hour workshop will assist you in cultivating clarity. We will practice a creative method to utilize at home and in your daily life. The tools, brain-storming, mind mapping, and visualization shared in the workshop will help you stay focused on what you choose to create in your life . You will focus on specific next steps that you are truly ready and able to take now. Doryan has shared this workshop the past 20 years at retreats and hospitals. A short Yoga practice is included with the workshop. Please dress comfortably and prepare to learn while having fun.


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