In my previous column/blog/vlog, I shared with you five things you need to know right now… especially as it pertains to our current circumstance and being an entrepreneur.  The first five were, decide what matters, gratitude, resist to recede, play it smart and remember that you are awesome. 

As we wrap up the last five things you need to know right now, keep in mind applying these tips can assist you in being more successful as you progress forward. 

Let’s recap, 

  1. Decide what matters 
  2. Gratitude 
  3. Resist to Recede 
  4. Play it Smart 
  5. Remember that you are Awesome. 

In the storm of chaos, find opportunity.  We’re all uncomfortable and being out of our comfort zones can make us feel anxious. Let’s flip this to your advantage. Chaos presents opportunities.  You’ve heard the adage, prepare for the worst.  How about, prepare for the best. At this time you have permission to find opportunity because it is knocking. 

This is your perfect time to (fill in the blank ) do whatever you are feeling called to do. It’s as simple as that and it’s up to you to take the initiative.  

Remember the pain. What we’re experiencing is likely painful and can feel excruciating.  In 2008 I took a good beating. I’ll never forget how I felt. I’m grateful for the pain, the trials and tribulations. It prepared me for so much more in my life and is helping me navigate through this trying time as well. Feeling beat up will allow you to empathize greater and fight harder. When we’re weak it can make us stronger in the long run. 

This will not destroy you.  Feeling overwhelmed, stuck, trapped and in survival mode is a terrible feeling. I am picking up what you are laying down. You truly have an option… it’s that you will not give up under any circumstance. I know it’s tempting but be the little train that can. 

Recognize the silver lining. Do your best to recognize some beauty in this trial. See if you can take this time to not change who you are but become more of who you are. I’m pretty sure you will learn a lot about yourself and others during this crisis. 

Keep your head up.  You’ve got this. We’ve got this. Hang in there. 

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