Today we’d like to introduce you to Bronwyn Ison.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Bronwyn. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
Nearly 20 years ago, following a foot injury, I stepped on a yoga mat in Scottsdale, AZ. Ever since my yoga mat and I, have had a very intimate relationship. Little did I realize, a seed was planted that day of which has blossomed into a thriving career. As a former television journalist, yoga was a go-to form of exercise for my mind and body. In 2008, my life took a crooked turn which led me to be a single mother of a toddler and newborn, severely ill with Valley Fever (a respiratory disease, coccidioidomycosis) crippling financial devastation, the loss of my car and home, while my self-worth and confidence were broken.

When I relocated to California, luckily I had both of my professional talents, TV journalism and teaching yoga, in my back pocket. I was still very sick, seeking work, and I was mentally and physically exhausted. Fortunately, my father gave me a car to use and my mother found my daughters and I a place live. I have presented an opportunity to be a Medical TV Host with a company in Los Angeles and teach yoga at one of the finest clubs in the country. This was a remarkable breakthrough. However, it wasn’t anywhere near enough, which led me to seek financial and state assistance, food stamps and medical aid for myself and my children. As a college graduate, this was an exceptionally shameful and humbling time in my life.

As we know, change is constant. My TV hosting job concluded when the company went out of business. My teaching yoga at the club shifted directions when they made some in-house employee changes. Just like that, there I was… almost jobless again! At this time I took control and figured I’d create my own job, teaching yoga two days a week at a local Polo club. I blanketed my town with promotional postcards on my shoestring budget and prayed people would come to my classes. For more than a year I worked diligently to grow my clientele. I did it and slowly but surely… they began to arrive in the studio on their mats. Once again there was a shift and I wasn’t going to be able to teach at the Polo fields any longer. I was encouraged by my family, friends and community to open my own brick and mortar location, which was frightening since I had no money! Yet, again on my shoestring budget, I pieced it together.

Six years later, I’m proud to share I have a thriving brick and mortar location. Over the years I’ve been able to instruct thousands of people from all over the world. This led me to launch my online yoga, wellness and balanced living platform. My students inspire me and for years they have been asking for more access to my teachings. NOW, they can have me ON DEMAND, anytime from anywhere. Instead of students neglecting their yoga practice due to time constraints or travel, they can pull my classes up online. Plus, in the near future, I’ll be unveiling more wellness and balanced living programs so my students can live life as it should… to its fullest.

Bronwyn Ison Yoga, Wellness and Balanced Living – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
I’m known for my attention to detail and my precise instruction. I choose to not simply take one through the motions but engage my clients with information to understand yoga’s purpose, encouraging students to live a balanced and whole life. My nurturing spirit, genuine love for the practice, and my passion for supporting my community are also qualities that elevate myself and my brand into a league of its own. I’m truly humbled when students share with me: “the impact you’ve made in my life, what you are doing and how you’re helping me… is life changing.” I’m helping people make themselves feel good about who they are and that is so fulfilling! This is by far what I am most proud of.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
My success is truly a result of consistency, diligence and a never give up the spirit mindset, blended with laughter and a sense of humor. My fierce but light heart has enabled me to navigate challenging times, while my daughters are the inspiration that drives me.


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