YOGA 101


“YOGA 101”

BY: Bronwyn Ison


One of the most frequent comments I hear as a yoga instructor is, “I could never practice yoga I can’t touch my toes.”  My response, “All the more reason you should commence a yoga practice.”  Often I hear, “yoga is too difficult or I am not sure it will be challenging enough for me”.  Chances are you will find yoga challenging in different facets.  Your body will be exercised differently than other disciplines. You will be henceforth exercising your mind, and with abundant dedication you will become soulful. 

Yoga continues to gain momentum and there are no signs of it diminishing. The most recent study, “Yoga in America” tells us there are 20.4 million Americans practicing yoga.  The motivating factors leading people to yoga is to increase flexibility, improved general conditioning, stress relief, improving overall health and physical fitness.  As a studio owner, I have learned first-hand people are seeking an alternative to the hard-core high impact workouts. To include the no pain no gain adage.  I can attest yoga is as challenging or relaxing as you make your practice.  When you step upon your mat for the first-time, apprehension may be present in your thoughts.  Be confident that you have ventured into a studio, on your mat, because now is the time to embrace yoga.

So you say, “how do I get started?”  Simple.  Find a yoga studio, select a class appropriate for you level, dress comfortably and go for it.  Ask a friend to join you.  A healthy yoga community is a friendly community. Choose to commit yourself to at least 5 or more classes. When we attempt something new we should give it our best overall effort. 

Remember you don’t have to twist yourself in a pretzel to fit in to the yoga class.  You will find there several others like you.  However, you may see students in class who have been practicing for years and experience thriving results. Do not be intimidated.  They began just like you.  Be sure to share with your instructor if you have any injuries or current/previous illnesses.  There are certain poses that may not be applicable to you.  A responsible instructor will make sure you practicing safely. 

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Bronwyn Ison, Owner of Evolve Yoga has been practicing yoga 14-years.  Visit for schedule, workshops, and special events.  When we EVOLVE, you EVOLVE with us!


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